More About Me

Realtor, Relocation Specialist

A veteran of the Army National Guard a wife of a United States Coast Guardsmen and a mother of one beautiful daughter I have experienced a lot of life and willing to share. I love dogs and my family and friends. I enjoy outdoor activities fitness and food (nice combo I know). I dive in to things and put my whole heart into it whether it be for myself or others.
My strengths are will power dedication and loyalty. My weakness are delegation. I truly care about those I work with and absolutely love to see them succeed.
I enjoy helping people succeed in whatever it may be in and that is why I became a Realtor. To be a part of such a huge decision when it comes to buying a selling a home makes me feel special. I am here to assist and educate and love every minute of it. My part in home buying or selling with a client does not stop at the closing table. Being a part of the military for nearly 20 years I know how stressful transferring/moving can be and I am here to help you get through that by taking as much of that stress off as I can.
With that said contact me and find out how I can make this process easier on you!